Dennis Papadopoulos

Professor of Physics at the Departments of Astronomy and Physics


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Professional Services


1.          Member, Space Earth Science Advisory Committee (SESAC), (The Senior NASA Advisory Committee for the Office of Space and Applications), 1984-1987.

 2.          Member, Keyworth Briefing Committee on Space Physics, 1984.

 3.          Member, NASA Committee on Solar and Space Physics (CSS), 1984-1987.

 4.          Member, Research and Analysis Review Committee, NASA, 1984.

 5.          Member, Maxwell Prize Committee for Plasma Physics, APS, 1988.

 6.          Member, Executive Committee Division of Plasma Physics (DPP), American Physical Society (APS), 1985-1988.

 7.          Member, Program Committee DPP-APS, 1985, 1986, 1989.

 8.          Member, Space Station Planning Committee on a Plasma and Fusion Physics, 1985.

 9.          Member, Space Plasma Physics and Astrophysics Panel, Physics Review Committee, National Academy of Sciences, 1983-1984.

10.          Chairman, Steering Committee "Assessment of the Status of Solar Terrestrial Physics", 1982-1983.

11.          Member, N.A.S.A., "Space Plasma Theory Panel", 1978.

12.          Member, Overview Committee, D.O.E., A.P.S. 5 year plan, 1980, 1985.

13.          Member, N.A.S.A., Advisory Panel on "Computer Simulations in Space Plasma", 1977.

14.          AIP Physics New Committee, 1979.

15.          Member, Sigma-X, Honorary.

16.          National Academy of Science, NRC Postgraduate Advisor.

17.          Member, Working Group on High Altitude Nuclear Explosions.

18.          U.S. Delegate, I.A.E.A. Fusion Conference, 1971, 1974, 1976, 1978.

19.          Member, Working Group "Electron Beam Experiments on the AMPS Program".

20.          Organizing Committee, "N.C. Christophilos International Summer School and Conference on Plasma Physics", Spetses, Greece, 1977.

21.          Gonvenor, "Symposium on Wave Instabilities in Space Plasmas", URSL XIX General Assembly, Helsinki, 1978.

22.          Member, Program Committee "Second Workshop on Space Craft Glow", 1985.

23.          Member, Program Committee "Mediterranean School on Plasma Astrophysics", 1985.

24.          Member, Senate Adjunct Committee on Research, 1989-1990.

25.          Member, CMPS Division Appointment and Tenure Committee, 1989-1990.

26.          Member, Committee for Optical Telescope, 1989-1990.

27.          Member, Qualifying Exam Committee, 1991-1992.

28.          Member, University of Maryland, Campus APT Committee, 1993.

29.          Committee on Future Direction of HAARP, Chair Tony Tether, Director of DARPA

30.          Member, APTI, Board of Directors

31.          Member IS3, Board of Directors

32.          Chairman, Committee on Scientific Program Using HAARP

33.          Member, Investigator Working Group the Tether Satellite Program

34.          Reviewer, Physics Rev. Lett., J.G.R. Phys. Fl., Astroph. Lett. J. etc.

35.          Council on Foreign Relations "The Study Group on United States Space Posture for 21st Century, 2003

36.          Committee on Terrorism and the Nuclear Question, Eisenhower Institute, 2003

37.          Member SCS Advisory Board, George Mason University, 2003

38.          Reviewer Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program in the Physical Sciences George Mason University, 2003